Wireless Prime Premium Disposable Face Mask
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Wireless Prime Premium Disposable Face Mask

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Disposable 3 Layer Mouth/Nose Protection Mask with Ear Loops

3 layers protection offers a breathable, high filtration barrier

One size fits all

Elastic earloops for tight and comfortable fit

Built-in nose bridge wire contours for a tighter fit



01. Hold the earloop with both hands to open the mask, with the blue said facing outward.

02. Place the mask on your dace with the nose bridge wire on the upper part of your nose. Pull the earloops over each ear.

03. Pinch the nose bridge wire down to contour to your nose ensuring that the mask completely covers your nose and mouth.

This product is not a medical device and id only used for personal protection.



DO NOT use if the packaging or masks are damaged!
DO NOT use beyond the expiration date!

PLEASE NOTE: The recommended use time for each mask is 4 hours. This product should be disposed of according to the environmental protection department.

Storage Requirements: This product should be stored in a well ventilated room where the relative humidity does not exceed 80%。