About Wireless Prime

Where does our Technology come from?

As Cinegears was founded in 2010 with the soul purpose in mind to drive video transmission technology to new heights and provide high quality professional grade products; so it was a natural progression to create Wireless Prime to help bridge the gap between the professional market and the consumer market.

Enhancing your way of living while reducing the headache of everyday life is what Wireless Prime is here for. Just as our wireless prime video transmission system revolutionized how we interact with wireless technology at work, school and home so will our new car and home surveillance systems change how you feel safe. With plug and play technology these systems are as simple and easy as it gets while offering the highest resolution available. Stay connected to your car or home 24/7 with the mobil app, you will never be out of the loop.

Wireless Prime enhancing your future.

Who is Wireless Prime for?

Home Theater & Gaming Station

Trying to watch a movie or stream some video games, but your computer or media center is in another room?


Wireless Prime has a simple solution for home owners.

Office & Boardroom

Need to have a voice conference, but your departments are too spread out or you need to broadcast an important message?


Wireless Prime has a professional solution for you and your business.


Organizing an event and there’s just too many displays to manage?


Contact us for an advanced infrastructure solution.

What Solutions do we offer?

Wireless Prime combines cutting-edge technology with finely tuned hardware. We offer the opportunity to reduce clutter and enhance performance. Each of our products currently resides in one of four categories: Wireless Transmission, Wired Transmission, Encrypted Transmission, or Adapters.

Wireless Prime’s wireless video transmitter provide the greatest range and easiest installation. Our wireless series is as simple as plug ‘n play, for you can connect your input to your transmitter and automatically receive from multiple receivers.

Wireless Prime’s wired video transmitters are the most scalable and reliable. Our wired series is able to deliver content via existing network of CAT 5/5e/6 cables. It requires no drivers or external hardware; it is also as simple as plug ‘n play.

Wireless Prime’s encrypted video transmitters are a uniquely exclusive item in the market. Our encrypted series adds an extra layer of protection to prevent ill-doers from stealing, pirating, or hacking your precious and valuable digital content.

Wireless Prime’s adapters can convert almost any video or audio source into the one you need. We support both digital and analogue conversion using the following inputs: HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, Component, 3.5mm, YPbPr, SCART, USB, AV/S-Video, and ATSC. Our adapters can also convert a 2D signal to 3D whilst maintaining full 5.1 digital surround sound.