Wireless Prime Safe Mirrors 8 Inch Thermal Access Control System (Enterprise Edition)
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Wireless Prime Safe Mirrors 8 Inch Thermal Access Control System (Enterprise Edition)


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About the Wireless Prime Safe Mirrors:

The Wireless Prime Safe Mirrors Enterprise Edition provides real-time protection and peace of mind for your organization and its customers with fast and accurate temperature detection. With options for mask detection and access control, the Wireless Prime Safe Mirrors provides your customers peace of mind and security while visiting your place of business without the need for additional staff.

With a 1-2 second scan time and less than .5 Degree C accuracy, this product can quickly identify potential safety threats and help mitigate large-scale exposure.

It’s wide dynamic range and high precision infrared temperature detector, is perfect for use in nursing homes, schools, hospitals, factories, warehouses, access gates, office buildings, hair salons or any workplace or public area that is considering removing restrictions.


With a wide range of detection, attendance, surveillance, and security protocols, the Safe Mirrors Enterprise Edition provides  added benefits and control through its required Server Controller Software (sold separately).


– Utilizes advanced thermal detection technology to quickly scan internal body temperatures

– Equipped with an IR body temperature detector and camera

– Once you have been scanned, the screen will provide a real-time temperature display and will scan for above-normal temperatures, even when a person is wearing a mask.

– Automatic mask detection and reminder message

– Real-time temperature display

– Quick and easy 1-2 second scan, and scans each individual within 1-2 seconds apart

– .5 Degree C accuracy

– Quickly identifies potential threats to help mitigate large-scale exposure

– Non-touch and contactless

– Suitable for any workplace or public area

– Tracking scans to aid in contact tracing

– High-precision infrared temperature detector

– Can stand alone, no network needed

– Network capabilities

-Floor Stand Included

-Hand Sanitizer Upgrade Available (Sold Separately)

– Temperature measurement range 30-45 (℃) Accuracy ± 0.3 (℃)

– Support temperature data SDK and HTTP protocol docking

– Automatically register and record information, avoid manual operation, improve efficiency and reduce missing information

– Support mid-range temperature measurement and real-time warning of high temperature

– Support binocular live detection

– Unique face recognition algorithm to accurately recognize faces, face recognition time <500ms

– Support human motion tracking exposure in strong backlight environment, support machine vision optical wide dynamic ≥80dB

– Adopt Linux operating system for better system stability

– Rich interface protocols, support SDK and HTTP protocols under multiple platforms such as Windows / Linux

– 8-inch IPS HD display

– IP34 rated dust and water resistant

– MTBF> 50000 H

– Supports 22400 face comparison library and 100,000 face recognition records

– Supports one Wiegand input or Wiegand output


– The temperature measuring device should be used in a room with a room temperature between 10 ℃ -40 ℃. Do not install the temperature measuring device under the vent, and ensure that there is no heating source within 3 meters;

– Personnel entering the room from a cold outdoor environment will affect the temperature measurement accuracy. The forehead temperature test should be performed after the forehead is unobstructed for three minutes and the temperature is stable;

– The temperature read by the temperature measuring device is the temperature in the forehead area. When there is water, sweat, oil or thick makeup on the forehead or the elderly have more wrinkles, the read temperature will be lower than the actual temperature. Make sure there is no hair or clothing covering this area.